The wait is over! After all the anticipation, the eagerly awaited ‘Rich Forever’ mixtape was finally put up for download  this weekend! Rick Ross returns with his first offering of 2012 with features from, Drake, Nas, Meek Millz, Wale, John Legend & more.. Also gives us a visual to his ‘Stay Scheming’ cut from the tape ft Drake and French Montana…


So we’re back with a bang for the new year!! After working relentlessly on the debut album and the new mixtape simultaneously, ‘The Delorean’, which is the first offering from my forthcoming mixtape ‘My Pleasure’, was premiered on BBC Radio1 by Zane Lowe on his Specialist Takeover show!! Catch the radio rip here…


I recently set up a voting pole on my facebook page by where you the fans voted for what cover i should do out of  Jessie J – Price Tag, Chipmunk – Champion, and Jay Z – Run this town. Check it out…


They say you’re only as good as the decisions you make… I couldn’t have said it better myself!
Or maybe i could haha…

Every decision you make in your lifetime has a consequence, from the second you’re old enough to talk and think for yourself, to the day when you become just a beloved memory to those who held you dearly. I mean, This isn’t a principle i’ve always exercised, but it became my life’s motto the minute i understood the value of it.

During my life before music, i engaged in activities that could’ve been detrimental had they gone wrong, which made me appreciate my liberty that little bit more, and also to treasure the proceeds of my activities. It became somewhat routine to save money for the previous reasons, even though i couldn’t of told you at the time what i was saving for… “a rainy day” probably would’ve been my likely answer.

When the time came around for me to begin making the necessary transitions, from what i was doing to making music not only a lucrative hobby but a career… i wasn’t in the worst position.

i’ve had some what i like to call ‘powerball’ moment’s in musical career so far… thing’s like my debut street track ‘neighbourhood’ (see link)

I had no choice but to make sure that it represented Smiler fully, lyricism, fashion (“phil mitchell style leather” haha), the streets, and everything that i stood for… being my introduction to the game.

My debut mixtape ‘Da Musical Omnibus’, again straight lyricism, something for listeners to latch on to and identify me by. You can download that for free on my ‘Audio’ page.

There have been a number of things… more recently, while getting warmed up to release a more commercially viable body of work (my ‘Clarity’ mixtape), i dropped a statement track called ‘Destroy & Rebuild’ which really stirred the waters of the existing uk hip hop scene, and ruffled the feathers of those mentioned in the song and some of their loyal supporters… a pretty risky move right? Well considering i had no concrete affiliations with the old-school hip hop game over here… well you know what they say, fortune favors the brave!

The main objective of this song was to get a pretty evident message across, but primarily to create an awareness for what was coming next… mission accomplished.

Check it out……


The music scene is forever evolving, a change in sound, style and of course attention spans. What I mean by this is that because music gets consumed so quickly by the listener of today, there is a greater demand for it. Once upon a time, an artist was expected to probably release 3 or 4 singles then an album. With downloading, file sharing and straight bootlegging, this has now decreased to maybe 2 singles then an album. Some will argue that there are now more entertainers than consumers (I’m not sure how I feel about this) causing gimmicks and novelties to wear off faster than before, leaving artists and musicians in a state of panic to stay interesting.

This is why you’re more than likely to find things like publicity stunts, fueds between artists and immense tabloid stories accompanying a release. Image is also a massive part of a musicians USP (unique selling point). Take Lady Gaga for example… a good singer, but how often do you hear talk of or conversations about her musical ability? It tends to be more “Did you see what she wore at her last performance?” Or “OMG did she really make a song called ‘Judas’?!” Take Sisqo with his platinum colored hair, Rihanna with her larger than life fashion and red hair, and the whole story about artists being discovered via youtube and becoming national successes i.e. Justin Bieber & Jesse J amongst others. All of the previously listed artists are brilliant at what they do. The point is, there always seems to be other attributes that are focused on just as much or even more than the music itself.